The problem

Our solution

Our story



The problem

Despite 70% of our planet being covered in water, we’re running out of it. Fresh drinking water that is. Worldwide, around 2 billion people live in countries with severe water shortages.

You see, only 1% of earth’s water is fit for drinking. So, while natural springs and reservoirs try keep up with demands, water bottle companies all tap from this same 1%.

Our solution

We locally desalinate seawater powered by nothing less than renewable energy. And there’s more that sets SEA Water™ apart than just our natural minerals and refreshing taste.

For one, it isn’t imported from around the world. SEA Water™ always comes from an ocean near you – which is probably what makes it so refreshing in the first place.

Our ambition is to put our solar-powered installations on every coastline worldwide. This will make SEA Water™ a staple wherever you go and hopefully put an end to the way we transport water over water.

Our story

Our story begins with two surfing brothers during the driest summer in recorded history. What if they could turn the waves they love so much into a water source for everyone?

They’d have to do it in a way that didn’t require shipping around the world, and it would have to be solar-powered.

This thought soon turned into action, then into experimentation, until one day they got it just right. SEA Water™ was born.


SEA Water™’s mission is to drive global awareness and acceptance of desalinated seawater as a viable replacement for increasingly scarce fresh water sources. That’s why we love partnering with businesses and brands who share our love for the ocean.

Perhaps you’re a brand wanting to use SEA Water™ in your production process? Or an organisation supplying water to thirsty marathon runners? Or perhaps a festival wanting to keep party-goers hydrated. Whatever your water needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help.


Where can I buy SEA Water™?

Currently, SEA Water™ is not for sale. We will be back very soon!

Does SEA Water™ taste salty?

Nothing salty here. The name SEA Water™ refers to the source where we get our water from, the ocean. The end product is unsalted and deliciously refreshing.

What about minerals?

Our purified water is remineralized in a natural way. This means after we take out the salt, we put all the good stuff back in.

Sustainable desalination, right?

Yes! We make use of an innovative technology, solar powered reverse osmosis (RO), purifying water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove unwanted contaminants.

Is this technique new?

For years people have been making use of reverse osmosis (RO), but in a different way. Conventional RO is very energy intensive and requires fossil fuels to run the engine. Using an innovative technique, we only need ⅓ of the energy, which allows us to use solar power instead.

What’s wrong with tap water?

Nothing is wrong with tap water. In fact, we encourage people to drink local, everywhere. So when you’re at home, the most local you can drink is tap water. But that moment when you are on the go and didn’t bring your own bottle, we’re the ones to pick.

What’s SEA Water™'s mission?

Our mission is to drive global awareness and acceptance of desalinated seawater as a viable replacement for increasingly scarce fresh water sources.

So, if this is so brilliant, why isn’t this happening all over the world?

Exactly the thought we had before we started this company!

Speaking about the world, why start in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is known for its water innovation. As a Dutch company, we want to raise massive awareness around global water issues, and with the support of the general public introduce SEA Water™ to every country with a coastline.

I have a question/comment/idea, who can I reach out to?

Sandy is at your service. She’s a crab, loves to follow you around, and is our Head of Customer Service. She’ll happily reply to any questions and press inquiries at