Tiara van der Huls

Introducing Tiara van der Huls, a rising star in the world of surfing. From horseback riding to taekwondo, triathlons, and gymnastics, she's conquered it all. But today, it's all about waves.

Tiara’s gearing up for the upcoming Olympic Games with an unwavering focus on mastering the art of surfing. For Tiara, it’s simple: good health unlocks limitless potential. Her journey is marked by the big waves, hard falls, bloody noses, and broken boards, but that’s exactly what fuels her fire.

Photo credits: Pablo Jimenez

Our partnership with Tiara is all about harnessing the incredible power and possibilities of the ocean. Just as she pushes the limits of her sport, we source our water from the depths of the sea, tapping into its natural strength to provide you with the freshest, high-quality water. Together, we’re on a mission to show the world the ocean’s untapped potential.